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Alloy B-2/UNS N10665

A nickel-molybdenum grade, Alloy B-2 is extremely resistant to hydrochloric acid in a wide range of temperatures. Alloy B-2 is a solid-solution strengthened nickel alloy which is normally used in extreme reducing conditions. Alloy B-2 also exhibits good resistance to hydrogen chloride, sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid.



Cr : <=1.00

Si: <=0.10

C: <=0.30


P: <=0.04

S: <=0.03

Fe: <=2.00


Chemical processing

Petro processing

Welding products

Oil and gas

Pollution and waste


Density: 9.22 g/cm³

Melting Range: 1332-1382°C

Specific Heat Capacity: 377 J/kg.°C

Electrical Resistivity: 1.37 µΩ.m

Mechanical Properties

Seamless Pipe & Tube

Tensile Strength, ksi   110

Yield Strength(0.2% Offset), ksi    45

Elongation, %   40