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Inconel® 601 (alloy 601) is a nickel-chromium alloy with an aluminum addition for good resistance to oxidation and other forms of high temperature resistance. The alloy has good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.

CHEMISTRY TYPICAL Chromium: 21.00-25.00
Iron: Balance
Aluminum: 1.0-1.70
Carbon: 0.10 max
Manganese: 1.00 max
Sulfur: 0.015 max
Silicon: 0.50 max
Copper: 1.00 max

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Electrical Resistivity: ohm-cir-mil/ft, (micro-ohms-m):
At 70 °F (20 °C): 710 (1.180)
Specific Heat: BTU/lb-°F (J/kg-°C):
At 70 °F (20 °C): 0.107 (448)

Nickel: 58.00-63.00

Density: 0.293 lb/in3, 8.11 g/cm3

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